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PubwichFork is an improved version of the original Pubwich application. PubwichFork fixes several bugs and integrates pre-output filtering of the data streams.

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  • PubwichFork 2.1 released
    7 months after version 2.0, the new PubwichFork 2.1 comes with improved support for responsive mobile layouts and updated social media service classes. After saving original Pubwich from death, PubwichFork 2.0 was downloaded appr. (20 October at 08:16)
  • PubwichFork im Screenguide #15 und warum FLOSS nicht totzukriegen ist
    In der aktuellen Ausgabe 15 des Screenguide Magazins wird auch ein Screenshot eines Social Media Newsroom gezeigt, welcher mit PubwichFork realisiert wurde. Leider das freie Softwareprojekt für tot erklärt, was natürlich Quatsch ist. (15 October at 07:11)
  • PubwichFork: "Newsroom statt Webseite" beim BrainCamp Cologne 2012
    Ansgar Hein von anatom5 und dem Screenguide-Magazin stellt PubwichFork im Rahmen der Session “Newsroom statt Webseite” beim BrainCamp Cologne 2012 vor. ( 8 September at 09:52)
  • Thank you for talking about PubwichFork!
    You need to attract people to make Open Source software projects successful. That’s the reason why I wanna say thank you to everybody who spread the message about PubwichFork. You are as important as the software itself. (15 August at 11:06)
  • PubwichFork 2.0 released
    I promised that I release the final PubwichFork 2.0 version while CLT2012 (Chemnitzer Linuxtage) and even if the CLT2012 is almost finished (the last sessions just ended): PubwichFork 2.0 is here! What is PubwichFork? (18 March at 19:01)

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I'm Haschek, a web whisperer, freelance developer, social semantic web enthusiast and wannabe singer, born and raised in Leipzig, now living and working in Chemnitz.

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  • Instant-Picture-Creator
    PHP Image Resizer: Instant Picture Creator produces images on demand for websites. (16 December at 14:59)
  • PubwichFork (forked)
    PubwichFork is an open-source PHP Web application that allows you to aggregate your published data from multiple websites and social services into a single HTML page. ( 2 April at 22:13)
  • skelattars
    Skelattars is a clean, minimalistic and responsive HTML/CSS/JS template. (18 November at 19:57)